First, diagnostic info - I'm using a prebuilt console with spinner and trackball on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ running Retropie. The first boot setup window for Emulationstation and RetroArch detects the controller - but only says 1 controller found. How To Setup RetroPie On Raspberry Pi 3 If you have more than one mouse device connected (i.e trackball connected to the cabinet) then you MUST change the mouse index value in retroarch from 0 to either 1,2 or 3 etc … until it starts working (go to settings->Input-> Port Bind 1) while in the game. Press J to jump to the feed. A convenient hardware test is to simply boot the Pi to a desktop and see if you can move the cursor with your trackball or spinner. Spinners, Trackballs, and Lightguns are often described together because they are seen as mouse devices by the operating system. You won’t find a better-detailed tutorial. Xarcade2Jstick exclusively captures the keyboard events of the X-Arcade Tankstick and maps these events to corresponding events on two virtual gamepad devices. Not so much social, but Crystal Castles is awesome. Ive got shuffleshot, World Class Bowling, and a Golden Tee game (isnt very good) I was wondering if there are any other good kind of social trackball games. Not sure why it couldn't have been powered by the USB, and that wasn't clear in the description. The following instructions assume that you are familiar with OpenCADE and have already assembled a console with at least one Joystick+buttons and added a USB extension. I followed the below Game Room Solutions video to setup a trackball, but is the same for the spinner, because they are bothe recognized as a mouse, GRS Trackball Setup RetroPie Website – Here you can download the RetroPie image, collaborate with others on the forums and much more. Use the Right control to highlight